Thursday, May 28, 2015

Books, Books & More Books Is Moving

There have been some issues using Blogger. Sadly, I am moving Books, Books & More Books to WordPress.
I will leave up the past book reviews on this site, but I will no longer be posting book reviews on here.
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Ok, if you have not come across GoodReads … you have several options. But the best one is to head there now.

I joined in 2010. This is a great site to keep on hand. It gives you a large variety of book information. Groups to discuss what you are reading, the authors you like, trivia, quizzes, quotes, reviews, GoodReads Blog, other bookaholics, book reviews, some eBook download options … and even giveaways.

Info about GoodReads:
“Goodreads is the world’s largest site for readers and book recommendations. Our mission is to help people find and share books they love. Goodreads launched in January 2007.”
”See which books your friends are reading.
Track the books you're reading, have read, and want to read.
Check out your personalized book recommendations. Our recommendation engine analyzes 20 billion data points to give suggestions tailored to your literary tastes.
Find out if a book is a good fit for you from our community’s reviews.”

There is Listopia, where you can give your vote on your favorite books. Best Books Ever, Best Books of the 21st Century, Best Books of 2015, Favorite Summer Reads, 5 Star Worthy … and that just keeps going. Sometimes I just sit & look though the lists to see what’s out there or to even vote.

I have found this the best way to keep up with the book series I enjoy, the authors I enjoy … and I even enjoy trying the giveaways. When I am searching for the next in the in a series or the next book to read, I check out my GoodReads to see what the reviews are or for the next in line.
Yes, I give my reviews on my Books, Books & More Books Blog … but sometimes I copy them over to my GoodReads Review.

So, if you haven’t come across GoodReads in the past. Head there now & sign up. Keep a list of the books you want to read, those you have read & those you are currently reading … with options to add other lists. PLUS you can participate in the GoodReads Reading Challenge, where you choose the number of books you want to read for the year.

(Look me up … I enjoy meeting new bookaholics)

OverDrive ~ Online Library

I found this by chance. My favorite library had a business card:
 “ENJOY eBooks & audiobooks on your computer, phone, tablet or iPad”

So, I pulled it up on the computer & fell in love. I registered thought my library, but then later found I could also link it to my FB, and have a wider access to other libraries (that I am a member of).
Now, keeping that in mind, I wish that they could link the military libraries to the public libraries … but sadly they don’t. SO … keep that in mind.

To use other libraries, you will need your library information. (I am looking all over for one of my library cards now, one that I use when I am visiting my dad)
But wishing I kept my other library cards from the states I have lived in … LOL the life of the military family (now retired).

This online Library has Ebooks (Kindle & eBook format … but check for other options I have found a Nook app for it), Audiobooks, plus Videos.
You are given a “checkout limit” & “hold limit” (6 for civilian & 10 for military). You can have the option to save the titles for books you want to read under the “wish list.” You can, also, recommend titles for your library (“Your library can limit how many titles you're allowed to recommend in a given period of time, so if you've hit your limit, just wait a few days, then try again.”). Of course, they will have a list of titles they will recommend for you.
You can rate the books you have read too. From 1 start to 5 stars. For those of you who use GoodReads, you might find this helpful. But they don’t give you the option to do a review on the book, which you can through GoodReads.

They have a “Book Club Picks” … some of the books look interesting but I have not found my favorite type of books on there. (Oh well ..) But that is just the beginning of the lists they provide.
Through the OK Virtual Library, they have “Congressman Tom Cole’s Reading List” … yippy for him to have his own special list, but I am sure there are people who will be interested in it. (Yes, I looked at the list. He’s got JRR Tolkien on it)
Another of my libraries has “Hot off the ePress” containing 1547 options. (No, I only looked at a few, or my wish list would have been though the roof!)
”Lost in the Stacks” has 10647 options to choose from. As much as I don’t care for lists, this one has a wide option of materials. (Oh how I miss this library … but large cities just do that to you)

Get you butts over to OverDrive, set up your account. Find your libraries. Complete your profile, this helps them complete the “Recommended for You” list. (Hey you might find some decent options on it)

OH … it does have an app option. (sorry almost forgot)

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Fast Freezer Meals: 46 Delicious and Quick Gluten-Free Slow Cooker Recipes for Make-Ahead Meals That Will Save Your Time and Improve Your Health (Weight Loss Series Plan) ~ Annette Goodman

I love to cook, so when I come across a new cookbook I go through what it’s offering. Then I dive in to see if to try some of the recipes.
Now with this book, I haven’t done that yet … been a bit busy around her to even consider trying to cook a new recipe. (Blast town keeps FLOODING)

But Ms. Goodman has some yummy looking recipes in her freezer meals book. Personally, I love making meals in advance for those busy days … or in my case the “down days.” (Hey, I am human … not super-human Winking smile ) This makes it easy for my husband & sons to help out, even my sweet little granddaughter.

So, going though the recipes I am finding some recipes that I know my family would love … if they came out ok. (Yes, even this kitchen-wiz has had meals that just needed to be trashed.)
But I am weary of trying “Gluten-Free” because I have had bad experiences with that. But with summer around the corner, I will be pulling out a lot of ingredients to make those frozen meals. (some of which I just might “can” as well.

So, if you want to have a few new recipes to add to your family favorites, you might want to give this a try. Because even though I am weary of trying some, some just look too good to pass up!!

Directly for the book, I think my family might really enjoy it:
Pizza Casserole

Servings: 3-4
Preparation time: 20-30 minutes
Cooking time: 4-5 hours
1 box of gluten free spiral pasta, uncooked
1 large green bell pepper, chopped
1 lb. (~ 455 g) of lean ground turkey
1 cup of mozzarella cheese, shredded
1 large yellow onion, peeled and chopped
½ cup of water
2 cups of gluten free pasta or pizza sauce (preferably homemade)
1 cup of pepperoni or bacon
2 large cloves of garlic, peeled and chopped
½ can of pitted olives

Method of preparation:
1) Prepare the meal by browning the turkey with the onion, bell pepper and garlic. Once browned, transfer to fridge to cool immediately.
2) Once cooled, transfer the turkey mixture to a sturdy zip lock bag and add the pasta or pizza sauce, olives and pepperoni to the turkey mixture and freeze.
3) Thaw the bag of turkey when ready to cook and tip the turkey mixture to a greased slow cooker. Add boiled pasta and the water to the beef mixture. Top with shredded mozzarella cheese. Cook covered on low for 4-5 hours.

Freezing instructions:
1) The cooked turkey mixture should be thoroughly cooled in the refrigerator before freezing.

Thawing instructions:
1) Place the bag in the refrigerator for 24 hours to thaw the turkey mixture.
Goodman, Annette (2014-07-27). Fast Freezer Meals: 46 Delicious and Quick Gluten-Free Slow Cooker Recipes for Make-Ahead Meals That Will Save Your Time and Improve Your Health (Weight Loss Plan Series) (p.84 - 85).  . Kindle Edition.
(Yes, if I do make this you will be able to find it under my Pinterest Board Recipes We Have Tried & my opinion of it)

DIY: 365 Days of DIY: A Collection of DIY, DIY Household Hacks, DIY Cleaning and Organizing, DIY Projects, and More DIY Tips to Make Your Life Easier ~ White Lemon

(Pic linked directly to Amazon Page: Free for KindleUnlimited; $0.99 for Kindle users)

Everyone one loves to save, or they should. If they don’t … give them a Gibb’s Smack. Because they DESERVE IT.

In this book you will find ways to use different items you have at home or can find cheaply at a yard sale or thrift store, instead of purchasing high priced items from stores. Like making a cell holder, organization bathroom with old CD tower, interesting ideas uses for shower hooks or old door knobs.
From easy household tricks, cleaning recipes, organizing hacks, beauty hacks, health & fitness … and that list goes on. You will might find a few little DIY ideas in this book to help get you moving in the right direction. To use what you have, instead of blowing money on things you really don’t need.
This is not a book for the “crafters” or “DIY yourself” type people. This book give you easy to use ideas, ones you won’t have a problem attempting or finishing.

Here are a couple examples directly from the book:

”Your pantry is a constant mess. Fruit snacks are falling on the flour; Power bars are chucked to the back end. Where are the crazy straws? Where should you keep the seasoning packets? Gosh, life is hard. But not so with this awesome hack…. “

”Onesie set-in stains can really be a bummer: especially since those things are so cute! In order to alleviate this worry, simply mix together 1 tbsp. of baking soda, ½ cup of hydrogen peroxide, and 1 tbsp. of dawn dish soap. Stir well, and pour the creation over the stain. Allow it to sit out for thirty minutes, and then rinse the onesie to remove the stain.”

(<—Link to site & pic if from this site)
”Gyms are expensive. However, if you simply exercise outside and then pay yourself the same amount of money you would have spent at the gym that day, you can really save up for something nice! Buy yourself something: new exercise clothes, a healthy snack, or even a nice vacation with the money you’ve saved over six months!”

This is coming from a person who loves those newest ideas. But over the years I learned that if you can create it from what you have on hand, then you will have extra money for that vacation you want. Or maybe a “rainy day fund” … or how ever you want to stash that money away.
When you try some of these ideas, you will find yourself on a trip to see what else you can complete in the DIY ideas that are around!

Now the down side to this book, no pictures. Some people are the “see” it types. Where they want to see the complete project to make sure they are doing it right. BUT you can always hit Pinterest to find pics for most (if not all) of these DIY ideas. (Even I have a several boards for DIY ideas … by all means check me out: Tricia (McAllister) Houseman)

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Always a Vampire ~ Nancy Haddock

this is book 3 in a series. Make sure you read the others 1st, or you might feel a little lost.

Planning the perfect wedding, getting a GED, taking classes for inter design, working as a tour guide & hunting down an evil man ... and Cesca acts it like it's just a normal day. Well, for the most part she does.
Vampires are being killed off by this oily, tar-looking form (the Void). How & why will really (kinda) give you a startle. But that is always a good thing, predicting how a story will end pretty much spoils it. North American vampires are spreading out, not longer nesting. But many have been infected by the Void. This causes some of them to really go underground, to prevent the spread & save others. The Void makes them extremely violent, attacking anything or anyone.
This Void can also attack other supernaturals, sucking their lives & making them violent. The only person it does not hurt, is Cesca because she managed to make herself immune to it (that's covered in the 2nd book). This makes her the perfect weapon to fight the Void & it's creator.
But 1st, she must forgive Triton for his past actions. Triton must get forgiveness for what he feels are his failures where Cesca is concerned. Cosmil, the wizard & friend, must also re-earn Cesca's trust. Saber has only one request, one that scares Cesca & it's the one thing she isn't sure if she can do.
Oh, let's not forget planning the perfect Victorian Wedding for her best friend, Maggie. During all of this, Cesca is 19 days out from being the Made of Honor for Maggie's dream wedding. One that she has been helping Maggie plan. An event that she is determined to see happen, no matter what. Protecting the bride & groom plus the wedding party, sometimes she pushes that a bit too hard. But everyone accepts this, & does what they can to help.
The ending is one of the best I have read. Yes, it leaves it open for another book ... But it, also, has it's own unique quality of Ms. Haddock's (author’s site) writing. You have to read the entire story to understand why the ending fits this tale perfectly.
Now, a few minor spoilers ... Triton meets another dolphin shifter (his mate? Who knows). Lynn is introduced, but that tale is still waiting to be seen (hint, hint ... please write that story). Cosmil has Lia come to assist in tracking down the killer, but this is another story I would love to read about. A little bit about Pandora was given, wizard's and there blasted spells ;) Plus there is a prediction about the Vampire Princess, one I sincerely hope is written about ... soon.
Demanding, yes. Sorry, but Ms. Haddock (GoodReads link) has create a slightly unique world. One that I have enjoyed reading. I sincerely hope she keeps writing about the Vampire Princess, Saber, Triton, Cosmil, Lynn, Lia, Pandora, Gorman ... because she has created some great characters.