Thursday, May 21, 2015

Demon’s Fury, Demon’s Vow, Inner Demon ~ Jocelynn Drake

secrets & more secrets. some are told, but others held on tightly.

two psychoes killing. Gage is working on both cases, plus trying to find a way to keep Trixie with him. His friends there to help, in what ever ways they can. But how can you track a killer, much less two, if magic isn't helping? one's blood or "aura" will attack you, while the other uses spells to cause attacks on those using magic.
damned if you do, damned if you don't.

I loved the stories. But as it went on, you knew the ending would not be what you expected.
One psycho killing the young, for Death Magic. Why, is more terrifying. To what extent will this psycho sink to?
One psycho killing pregnant women & there unborn children. What pushed her over the edge is pretty bad. But the tat & potion, just helped it along.
Gage is left trying to figure out how to stop them and keep the life he has. Only problem is that he's doing it all wrong. His hope is gone, his live is threatened, and his future looks bleak. Guess when you are having so many problems, you don't always think reasonably.
Ms. Drake has create a world that you want to keep reading about. Not only from Gage's view point, but from any others she may write about. It has it's ups & downs, but what world doesn't?

Blood by Moonlight ~ Jocelynn Drake, Terri Garey, Caris Roane

Enjoyed the stories. Gabe standing up to the Winter Court. The two witches who must stand together to fight off evil. Reading about how a bond can be created between Vamp & human (hot & steamy). Plus the excerpts from the 2 other books, gives provides you with other tales to read.

The Asylum Interviews: Bronx ~ Jocelynn Drake

Short & sweet. Just the basic about how Gage & Bronx go to know each other. Alcohol, tat, potion & lots of effort to put a stop to a incubus problem.

What happens when a human & an incubus try to keep an exclusive relationship? Having a night out with your friend, who you drug, and then decide to get a tat that will “increase” your lovers touch. Hoping it will stop you from starving to death.

And that is where it all goes wrong. Potions can be tricky things, but more so when you put them on any supernatural.

I loved this book. I though it was amazing how Gage & Bronx actually met. But you could tell they were gonna be great friends.

Angel’s Ink ~ Jocelynn Drake

Love when the story draws you in. That lets you know you have found a great read. I love the entire tale, from start to finish. Warlocks/Witches, elves, trolls, vamps, shifters & normal humans wrapped up in a world recovering from the 'Great War.'
But like in any world, you are bound to find the arses that screw everything up. You always need some decent individuals to balance it out. Ms. Drake has created some great characters, negative & positive, to keep you reading & wanting to know more about them.

Gage is a “student-in-training” warlock, who left the Ivory Towers. He refused to be a murder like many of the Warlocks & Witches. The deal with the Council is that he can only use Defensive Magic. (Not an easy thing when he can feel the magic pretty much calling him.)
In walks a lady, who is dying of cancer & was referred to Asylum Ink. Well, she was specifically told to get Gage to do the tat she wanted. Simple tat, Angel Wings covering her entire back. Setting up an appointment for later, she leaves. Gage wants to help her out, so he looks at the supplies he has in his basement. He choose a Lily & Angel Feather … not really a smart thing to do, since NO ONE knows exactly what the feather will do.

Gage completes the tat with the potion. His next unlikely visitor is a Grim Reaper. One who is a little annoyed that he cannot collect the soul, because Gage made the woman immortal. No one on this world is immortal, all can die.

To fix this mess, he hunts down his mentor, the one who taught him all about tat’s & potions. He is attacked by his old Warlock teacher, after discovering his mentors shop has been closed for ages. Barely surviving, he transports himself back to Asylum Ink. From there he uses some magic, the type he’s not suppose to use, to locate his old mentor.

From that point, things go down hill. With a few positives. Gage is forced to correct the tat or loose his own soul. His old Warlock teacher is out for ending Gage’s life, and using anything or anyone he can to complete this “task.” Trixie & Bronx are doing what they can to help Gage, but it’s not all too easy. Especially when you are a warlock in hiding.

Well, thinks that’s all I am gonna provide for this review. I don’t like giving much of the story, I feel it destroys the read.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Murder of Crows ~ Anne Bishop

Two drugs are causing problems with both humans & Others. One makes you hyped up & insane, thinking your own the world & can take down anything. One that makes you so mellow. Both can cause you to over dose, because of the need for this drug.
Meg is having visions about the effects of them plus visions of children being taking.

Meg is, also, having issues where her relationship with Simon. She is learning to be a normal adult. Without the understand of her feelings, or other feelings from others. The relationship “issues” with Simon & her had me laughing. Neither of them seem to understand the feelings they have for one another. While others see it all too clearly.

Simon is searching for where this drug comes from. He is searching for the Controller, who still wants Meg back. Simon is, also, working to find a way to keep peace between the Others & humans. But he is determined to make sure the humans do not “overstep” the agreement they have with the Others.

Ms. Bishop did an amazing job in part two. I cannot wait to read book 3 in this series. She created a world groups of individuals have to learn to live together. Through the ups & downs, from the dislike to like.
Start with Written in Red. Move on to Murder of Crows. Next on the list is Vision in Silver (which I cannot wait to get my hand on!!!).

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Darkness Falls (Darkness Falls #1) ~ Jessica Sorensen

Follow Kayla as she learns there is more to her life than simply being a Bellator. There is a bit to tell, but to do so would give far too many "spoilers" ... so will have to say, this book is worth the read.
Know there are Highers, who seem to be complete dicks. Vamps, who are just out for blood. Then the rest of the Colony ... and those are separated into several groups. Bellators being one group ... and you will just have to read to find out more :)