Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Always a Vampire ~ Nancy Haddock

this is book 3 in a series. Make sure you read the others 1st, or you might feel a little lost.

Planning the perfect wedding, getting a GED, taking classes for inter design, working as a tour guide & hunting down an evil man ... and Cesca acts it like it's just a normal day. Well, for the most part she does.
Vampires are being killed off by this oily, tar-looking form (the Void). How & why will really (kinda) give you a startle. But that is always a good thing, predicting how a story will end pretty much spoils it. North American vampires are spreading out, not longer nesting. But many have been infected by the Void. This causes some of them to really go underground, to prevent the spread & save others. The Void makes them extremely violent, attacking anything or anyone.
This Void can also attack other supernaturals, sucking their lives & making them violent. The only person it does not hurt, is Cesca because she managed to make herself immune to it (that's covered in the 2nd book). This makes her the perfect weapon to fight the Void & it's creator.
But 1st, she must forgive Triton for his past actions. Triton must get forgiveness for what he feels are his failures where Cesca is concerned. Cosmil, the wizard & friend, must also re-earn Cesca's trust. Saber has only one request, one that scares Cesca & it's the one thing she isn't sure if she can do.
Oh, let's not forget planning the perfect Victorian Wedding for her best friend, Maggie. During all of this, Cesca is 19 days out from being the Made of Honor for Maggie's dream wedding. One that she has been helping Maggie plan. An event that she is determined to see happen, no matter what. Protecting the bride & groom plus the wedding party, sometimes she pushes that a bit too hard. But everyone accepts this, & does what they can to help.
The ending is one of the best I have read. Yes, it leaves it open for another book ... But it, also, has it's own unique quality of Ms. Haddock's (author’s site) writing. You have to read the entire story to understand why the ending fits this tale perfectly.
Now, a few minor spoilers ... Triton meets another dolphin shifter (his mate? Who knows). Lynn is introduced, but that tale is still waiting to be seen (hint, hint ... please write that story). Cosmil has Lia come to assist in tracking down the killer, but this is another story I would love to read about. A little bit about Pandora was given, wizard's and there blasted spells ;) Plus there is a prediction about the Vampire Princess, one I sincerely hope is written about ... soon.
Demanding, yes. Sorry, but Ms. Haddock (GoodReads link) has create a slightly unique world. One that I have enjoyed reading. I sincerely hope she keeps writing about the Vampire Princess, Saber, Triton, Cosmil, Lynn, Lia, Pandora, Gorman ... because she has created some great characters.

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