Wednesday, May 27, 2015

DIY: 365 Days of DIY: A Collection of DIY, DIY Household Hacks, DIY Cleaning and Organizing, DIY Projects, and More DIY Tips to Make Your Life Easier ~ White Lemon

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Everyone one loves to save, or they should. If they don’t … give them a Gibb’s Smack. Because they DESERVE IT.

In this book you will find ways to use different items you have at home or can find cheaply at a yard sale or thrift store, instead of purchasing high priced items from stores. Like making a cell holder, organization bathroom with old CD tower, interesting ideas uses for shower hooks or old door knobs.
From easy household tricks, cleaning recipes, organizing hacks, beauty hacks, health & fitness … and that list goes on. You will might find a few little DIY ideas in this book to help get you moving in the right direction. To use what you have, instead of blowing money on things you really don’t need.
This is not a book for the “crafters” or “DIY yourself” type people. This book give you easy to use ideas, ones you won’t have a problem attempting or finishing.

Here are a couple examples directly from the book:

”Your pantry is a constant mess. Fruit snacks are falling on the flour; Power bars are chucked to the back end. Where are the crazy straws? Where should you keep the seasoning packets? Gosh, life is hard. But not so with this awesome hack…. “

”Onesie set-in stains can really be a bummer: especially since those things are so cute! In order to alleviate this worry, simply mix together 1 tbsp. of baking soda, ½ cup of hydrogen peroxide, and 1 tbsp. of dawn dish soap. Stir well, and pour the creation over the stain. Allow it to sit out for thirty minutes, and then rinse the onesie to remove the stain.”

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”Gyms are expensive. However, if you simply exercise outside and then pay yourself the same amount of money you would have spent at the gym that day, you can really save up for something nice! Buy yourself something: new exercise clothes, a healthy snack, or even a nice vacation with the money you’ve saved over six months!”

This is coming from a person who loves those newest ideas. But over the years I learned that if you can create it from what you have on hand, then you will have extra money for that vacation you want. Or maybe a “rainy day fund” … or how ever you want to stash that money away.
When you try some of these ideas, you will find yourself on a trip to see what else you can complete in the DIY ideas that are around!

Now the down side to this book, no pictures. Some people are the “see” it types. Where they want to see the complete project to make sure they are doing it right. BUT you can always hit Pinterest to find pics for most (if not all) of these DIY ideas. (Even I have a several boards for DIY ideas … by all means check me out: Tricia (McAllister) Houseman)

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