Thursday, May 21, 2015

Angel’s Ink ~ Jocelynn Drake

Love when the story draws you in. That lets you know you have found a great read. I love the entire tale, from start to finish. Warlocks/Witches, elves, trolls, vamps, shifters & normal humans wrapped up in a world recovering from the 'Great War.'
But like in any world, you are bound to find the arses that screw everything up. You always need some decent individuals to balance it out. Ms. Drake has created some great characters, negative & positive, to keep you reading & wanting to know more about them.

Gage is a “student-in-training” warlock, who left the Ivory Towers. He refused to be a murder like many of the Warlocks & Witches. The deal with the Council is that he can only use Defensive Magic. (Not an easy thing when he can feel the magic pretty much calling him.)
In walks a lady, who is dying of cancer & was referred to Asylum Ink. Well, she was specifically told to get Gage to do the tat she wanted. Simple tat, Angel Wings covering her entire back. Setting up an appointment for later, she leaves. Gage wants to help her out, so he looks at the supplies he has in his basement. He choose a Lily & Angel Feather … not really a smart thing to do, since NO ONE knows exactly what the feather will do.

Gage completes the tat with the potion. His next unlikely visitor is a Grim Reaper. One who is a little annoyed that he cannot collect the soul, because Gage made the woman immortal. No one on this world is immortal, all can die.

To fix this mess, he hunts down his mentor, the one who taught him all about tat’s & potions. He is attacked by his old Warlock teacher, after discovering his mentors shop has been closed for ages. Barely surviving, he transports himself back to Asylum Ink. From there he uses some magic, the type he’s not suppose to use, to locate his old mentor.

From that point, things go down hill. With a few positives. Gage is forced to correct the tat or loose his own soul. His old Warlock teacher is out for ending Gage’s life, and using anything or anyone he can to complete this “task.” Trixie & Bronx are doing what they can to help Gage, but it’s not all too easy. Especially when you are a warlock in hiding.

Well, thinks that’s all I am gonna provide for this review. I don’t like giving much of the story, I feel it destroys the read.

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