Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Black Magic Sanction (The Hallows #8) ~ Kim Harrison

Rachel Morgan is at it again, running into a situation that could kill her or those she loves.
Currently, Rachel is Al’s student. (for those who have NOT read the past books, Al is a demon. The cure Rachel received from Trent’s father, made it possible for her to use demon magic. Any other info, you will just have to read the books) The “Coven” happens to be the group after Rachel this time. They have shunned her because of the “black magic” she has done, plus they were told that she can do demon magic.
Brook and Victoria, let’s just say that “good witches” aren’t really all they claim to be. One will abuse her power to become more powerful, and the other will abuse it to “catch” Rachel. These two “ladies” are members of the Coven.
Rachel has Peirce babysitting her because of a major mess up during her training with Al. Newt (another demon) has demanded it, or for Al to release Rachel as his student so Newt can teach her. (Newt is one crazy demon.)
But in the end, it’s all on Rachel, Ivy & Jenks to survive the issue of the Coven going after Rachel. They plan to sterilize Rachel to end her bloodline, or much worse. Wickedly evil people who claim to be so “good.”
The one question is “Who provided the info to the Coven?” Trent, Nick, Lee … or does Al have his greedy little hands in this?

Sorry but if I do keep writing about this book, I will give up more than I think should be shared. You will just have to READ this great book to find out what all is going on, and who caused it.
Also, sorry if I didn’t stay on track for my review … But I did give you several reason to read the book :)


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