Monday, April 27, 2015

Revenant in Training (Blood and Snow #2) ~ RaShelle Workman

Snow wakes up after being bitten by a Hunter. Turned into a Revenant, she must learn how to defend herself, and learn about other types of creatures to ensure she survives.
Gabe, one of her 7 best friends, spills how he really feels about her. And Professor Pops explains that all the boys have some type of feelings for her, shocking Snow.

Going back to school as a Revenant proved to be harder than she imaged. Pulled out of school by the Professor, Snow learns about the other creatures and the possibly of what could be after her.
She learns that her blood cravings are more towards males, excluding females because of her bond with the 7 brothers. It is pretty much up to the 7 brothers to protect her from anything that might come after her.
Snow, also, learns who her Hunter is … let’s just say if you are reading this, you can prob figure it out yourself.

Will Snow White become the next Queen of the Vampires? Or will her “true love” turn her back to being a regular human?
There is a lot to tell, but in this novelette, telling too much will simply spoil the read.

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