Monday, April 27, 2015

Hexed (Kate Daniels, #4.5; Otherworld, #9.5; Stormwalker, #2/5; Anna Strong Chronicles, #6/5)

A book with 4 amazing stories. Each one pulls you in. About Otherworld individuals, Witches, vampires, and shapeshifters.
Ilona Andrews, Yasmine Galenorn, Allyson James & Jeanne Stein simply pull you into the story. Proving detail that you can simply picture in your head. Plus they give you alittle detail about the 4 women they have written about before.
Dali Harimau a shapeshifting tirgress a woman with an attitude that would knock the socks of most men ... if she were more than a character in a book. Ilona Andrews wrote a story that makes me want to find the series Dali was involved in, to read about the other characters.
Iris Kusi is the house sprite from the Otherworlds series Yasimine Galenorn writes. Iris has shown a bit of spirit in those series, and now you get to learn where she came from. As well as her past, and the future she is to lead.
Stormwalker Janet Bagey is a strong woman who has to deal with being able to feel & bring storms to where she is. But she as a power from her mother that can be combined with her storm magic ... but it can also cause the vortexes to open and release evil goddess & gods. Allyson James provides you with tense moments that keep you on edge.
Anna Strong, bounty hunter turned vampire, this is where she has to prove her actions in a sarced place where rules have to be followed, were not that of an individual using the area to prevent further evil actions by a demented individual. Anna has to prove this or die with on of the witches siblings. Jeanne Stein proves you with info that has you wanting to read the series (which I have read some (:  )

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