Monday, April 27, 2015

Ladle Rat Rotten Hut (Grimm Diaries Prequel #4) ~ Cameron Jace

This prequel is narrated by Little Red Riding Hood.
This story being telling you of a little girl who is terrified of the wolves that scare her each night. One night on the advice of a stranger, she take a bottle of her mother’s wine, drinking it, spilling the red wine on the sheet covering her from the wolves sight. Once she has had enough, or is actually drunk enough, she kneels on her bed with the now-red sheet covering her. This scares the wolves, but she does not know why. Only that she discovers the wolves are afraid of her.
Later, she is to take over her mother’s job, but she does not know exactly what the job is. Going into the forest, via a carriage, it’s attacked by wolves. The driver and one of the horses have been eaten by the wolves. Trying to follow a map, Little Red Riding Hood finds a boy in the forest, who teaches her a new language, “Anguish.” But the boys is not exactly who he appears to be.
Little Red Riding Hood also meets Hansel & Gretel, and informs them that they will be great individuals when they grow up. She also promises to meet them later so they can all learn “Anguish” later in the market place.

In this prequel, Little Red Riding Hood discovers who she truly is, as well as other interesting details. This prequel gives you a bit more info than the prior 3.

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