Monday, April 27, 2015

Red (Transplanted Tales) ~ Kate SeRine

When you review a book do you find it ok to give a little “spoiler” here or there? Or do you find “spoilers” just kill the next reader’s interest in reading the book?
Personally, some “spoilers” I find ok … so if you are gonna read my review, well, heads up. I won’t spoil the ending of the book, but I may give you some “spoilers.”

Tess Little, AKA Red, is an “Enforcer” in the Chicago area. An enforcer tracks downs and brings in the local fairytale characters (who have “crossed over” to Hear & Now) who break the FMA laws.
Her current job has her tracking down the Pied Piper. Which sadly ends in his death, by suicide. During this, she gets danced away from the scene by the local detective/reaper, Nate Grimm. (Let’s just say by the description, many women wouldn’t mind having that dance! Winking smile ) Grimm is out to be her partner, in so many ways. Is he worth it? Or just like the long list of those Red has been involved with?
Problem being is Red has massive baggage. From the “big bad wolf” to Vlad ~ yep, Red has an on again/off again relationship with Dracula himself. Which during this investigation, Dracula tries to use his charm to win her over, again. Question comes down to it, does Red have enough will power to resist or is Dracula actually not as bad as other’s make him seem? (find that one out on your own)
The case she finds herself partnered with Grimm is concerning brutally slain fairytale characters. The list of suspects? 3 of Red’s ex’s … the big bad Wolf, Dracula & Todd Caliban ~ Wolf & Dracula, I know the stories, but Caliban I don’t but gonna have to look it up now. Yea, some are a bunch of creeps but not everyone is like the story they come from, something you will learn from this book.
Ms. SeRine begins to pull you in with in the first few minutes of reading. After all, you are reading about “Little Red Riding Hood” turned from the sweet thing in the stories to an arse kicking Enforcer. Who is now on a case where 3 of her “monster” ex’s are the lead suspects. If that story line doesn’t pull you in then nothing I have to say will.

All I can say, is this book is worth the read. And you can get the E-Book at for the Kindle. After all book two is suppose to be out Feb 2013, The Better to See You. (I am sure Ms. SeRine will pull us into that story just as fast as she did with Red)

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