Monday, April 27, 2015

Mary Mary Quite Contrary (Grimm Diaries Prequel #5) ~ Cameron Jace

This one is narrated by the Devil himself.
The Devil asks the children in his hell to provide him with something entertaining, because he has since found that humans are “boring.” Peter Pan, yep he’s in hell as a student of Lucifer, simply doesn’t get it. And the Devil keeps thinking that he should just banish him because Pan wants to stay young and never grow up. Pippi Longstocking gave the Devil a mirror, one that was not like current ones they had, this one was made of glass.
Having fun with this mirror, the Devil took it to look upon Heaven to see what the mirror would show. Let me back track a little, this mirror showed the ugliness of what ever was shown into it’s glass, no matter how beautiful it was.
So, during the fight to see what the mirror showed of Heaven, it shattered. Dropping pieces of it’s glass into the eyes and hearts of humans. Turning those people into evil individuals, part of this freighting the Devil but part wanting him to find the creator of the mirror.

Using the assistance of Rumpelstiltskin, the Devil tries to track where the mirror came from. But there is not luck, while Rumpelstiltskin is great at finding evil little kids, he is not so great at finding the creator of the mirror.
The Devil begins watching Elizabeth Bathory, who pieces of the mirror in her eyes & her heart, making her an evil little child who grew to be an evil lady.
But during all of this, Elizabeth was impregnated by a peasant. Providing the Devil with a way to take Mary, the daughter of Elizabeth. This gave the Devil two individuals to watch. Believing that Elizabeth passed on some of the shards of that glass to Mary, but also that Elizabeth seem to “overcome” the evil trapped inside her.
Watching Mary grow up in a horrid life, the Devil stop watching Elizabeth. When Mary fled from her home and into the forest at 16, unable to locate her, the Devil when back to watching Elizabeth.
Elizabeth was into torturing the peasants, especially the females. Later she would begin bathing in their blood. To include the blood of her daughter, Mary.
On the night that this occurs, the Devil learns that those with the glass splinters are now immortal. Mary comes back attacking her mother, and becomes Bloody Mary.
Well, if I keep going, you will know the entire story. So to find out what the Devil did or what Mary did, you will just have to sit back and enjoy this story. I am off to read Blood Apples!

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