Monday, April 27, 2015

Iced ~ Karen Marie Moning

Well it’s not narrated by Mac or Barron, this one is all Dani. From being to end, you follow Dani around while she figures out who is freezing Dublin. Add that she is avoiding Mac, because she did lead Mac’s sister to her death. Oh there is more … Christian is turning into an Unseelie Prince, and has some type of attraction to Dani. Ryodan hires Dani, plus he seems to see the type of woman she will become. Then there is Dancer, her friend, who is the brains behind many of her current accessories.
Dani has so much on her plate for a 14 yr. old, but she is out there just trying to solved each problem before it becomes far worse than it could be.
I was impressed by this book. I loved the 1st of the Fever Series. But to write this from the view point of a cocky 14 yr. old, Ms. Moning took a huge chance that worked out rather well.
I cannot wait to read Burned to see if she can keep the humor, and suspense in this series going. With Dani’s curiosity, we might get a bit more knowledge on exactly what Barron, Ryodan, Lori & the rest of the group truly are.

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