Monday, April 27, 2015

Darkness Falls ~ Jessica Sorensen

When you review a book do you find it ok to give a little “spoiler” here or there? Or do you find “spoilers” just kill the next reader’s interest in reading the book?

Personally, some “spoilers” I find ok … so if you are gonna read my review, well, heads up. I won’t spoil the ending of the book, but I may give you some “spoilers.”

Following Kayla as she learns there is more to her life than simply being a Bellator.
You will learn she knows she is different from others; able to lie, that she hears heart beats, able to tell others fears and a few other items. You will have to read to learn those … after all, I am just giving you a REVIEW, not the entire story.

Kayla ends up being chosen for the Gathering. What she finds out later is that some of those chosen will end up incinerated, while others are left in the desert … in freaking body bags.
Here she is found by others who were left there as well. Some are scared of her, and trying to kill her. One does try to save her, but he lies about as much as she does … not such a great way to start a friendship there.

Kayla must get her memories back to find out exactly what she must do. Not all her options are ones we would always choose. But to gain those memories, she has decided to go through with them.
(now, I just need to get book two …)

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