Monday, April 27, 2015

Blood Apples (Grimm Diaries Prequel #6) ~ Cameron Jace

This one is narrated by Prince Charming.
This is the same prince that was bitten by Snow White as a child. One who keeps coming back for her, time after time. This time to find that Snow White is trapped in Rapunzel’s tower, with Rapunzel. In this story, it appears that Rapunzel is a witch, but trapped in the tower by Dame Gothel. (Who takes the children that the Devil banishes back to earth.)
Now Prince Charming has to rescue Snow White from the tower. He beings looking for Jack, who finds him, to rescue the love of his life.

In this tale he will meet Gretel, Marmalade, Rapunzel (sorta), and the Goddess Pomona. You will discover why the prince loves Snow White so much, as well as why apples are red. After all, red is a forbidden color in the Sorrow Kingdom.
This story will also give you some ideas as to who the Lost Seven are. Enjoy the read … I have to go find the rest of the Grimm Diaries Prequels Smile (Although Mr. Jace mentioned 7, there seem to be a few more than that.)

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