Monday, April 27, 2015

Blood Soaked Promises (Blood & Snow #4) ~ RaShelle Workman

Snow receives a gift from Christopher, a pendant which she later learns the tale of. But unable to deal with the stress or responsibilities, she tries to hide from all of the issues occurring. Learning that her friend is a witch, doesn’t help the situation either. She allows herself to b e over whelmed by everything.
All in all it was a good read. I am sure Ms. Workman could have had more details in these stories, but she choose not to included too much detail. For this story, it actually works. What you read, builds for the next novelette.
(Spoilers … don’t read if you don’t like them)
The story beings with Snow, telling about how much of a klutz that she is. And showing her friendship between the brothers & Cindy. It, also, shows how her father & stepmother aren’t around that much, but how Professor Pops and the brothers are. All in all you get a good idea how close those individuals mean to Snow.
When things start going “strange” (so to speak) Snow depends a lot on the brothers & Professor. Causing some distance between her & Cindy, but things will seem to get resolved later.
Snow becomes a Revenant, not quite human but not quite vampire, when she is bitten by the Hunter assigned to her, Christopher Charming. Who she discovers is the “new guy” in school, that all the girls are so interested in. Yet, he is more focused on her.
She later learns Charming’s story, on how he became a vampire. She will also learn how Cindy’s family is a descendent of the witches, and that Cindy is also one. (Lot’s a quick stories wrapped up into one here)
During all this time, there is a break between Snow, Professor & the brothers. Charming has gone missing, and her parents leave once again. She, also, losses the pendant that Charming left for her. She runs because she bit Gabe, and the novelette leaves you hanging as to wondering if she killed him or not.

Will definitely have to read the next novelette, Prey and Magic.

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